You Hope For Your Babies And This is How They Grow...

For my Narrative Illustration class we had to develop an EP cover/inside for either Feist's "The Water" or Animal Collective's "Water Curses."  (I chose the former)  These works are executed in pen and ink--step two is to color them using Photoshop.  You can listen to the actual song here: http:/www.myspace.com/feist 


Sketchbooks: The Latest in Floor Decor

Soooo...I am back at MICA.  Diving into the third week and already slightly frazzled and a little overwhelmed.  Our dorm ("The Gateway") is absolutely beautiful and I promise to post photos once I acquire the time/necessary equipment (ie, a camera) to do so.  My floor is littered with sketches and reference material--my professors wasted no time piling on the projects, but I've been having fun thus far.  
Unfortunately my financial situation is not all sunshine and smiles--my waitressing job over the summer fell through due to our one and only cook quitting, and frankly the money I have been saving over the years will not be enough to cover this year in terms of supplies and groceries.  I had been counting on 10 hours of work-study like I had last year, but it was not awarded to me this semester.  Hopefully I will sell a few paintings that I have up at Foggy Bottom, but the odds are slim.  Trying not to think about it too much and taking advantage of the extra time to become more involved on campus.  
For the time being, I am focusing on my studies while patiently waiting for a call from the financial aid office...and now getting back to my Illustration homework.