Safari Mural Process and Completion!

This is a little late in the posting, but I wanted to share a quick little stop-motion I recorded during the install of the Safari Nursery mural. Everything is a printed vinyl transfer apart from the vines, which were penciled and then painted on with acrylic. The install took all day but moved along swiftly thanks to all the help from my boyfriend Mark Oliver The process was a lot of fun and something I hope to continue in the future for large-format projects. (Music clip is "One Heavy February" by Architecture in Helsinki)


Safari Mural

I've been working on a mural project while I've been home in Michigan for a couple of weeks, and this time around I experimented with a slightly different approach. All of the murals I've done thus far have been abstract compositions painted directly onto the wall using semigloss interior paint. For the safari nursery project, I decided to go a different route and do large vinyl print-outs of ink and photoshop illustrations, with some details being painted directly on the wall (such as the vines) Here is a sampling of the work I sent out for print. (The monkeys were part of the original design but will not be included in the final installation)