The Bicycle

A drawing I did this weekend--more to come in the series!


Two Tigers and a Bunny

Here's a mini preview of some watercolors I'll be selling at Art Market in a few weeks!


Belated Birthday

Almost forgot about these little cards I made for my mom and mother-in-law on their birthdays! One lives in Florida and the other in Michigan, I'm sure you can figure out who got which card ;)


"Grow Old" Inking Phase

I have the honor of designing the cover art for Katie Buckley's debut album, "Grow Old." Katie is a long-time friend of mine and it's been super fun to collaborate with her on this project. I thought I'd share a sneak-peek of the design: this is the finished line work to be used in the final product, which I'll share later this week!


The Levitators

Here's a spooky little tree study and a series of graphite and ink drawings inspired by M83's Midnight City and Halloweeeeeen!


Sketchbook Doodles

I've been working with watercolor and ink in my studio when I need to take a break and just make something for fun. Here are a few illustrations from the past couple of weeks!


Studio Update: Creative Paradox Residency

It's been a while since my last post, but I've been pretty busy in the meantime! In the past few months I've gotten engaged (and will be married in less than 3 weeks!) started a new job, and have begun a year-long residency at Creative Paradox in Annapolis, Maryland. I've been sharing a beautiful studio space with the other two resident artists, Lee Nowell and Nicole Mueller. Today has been a great day of preparation for our upcoming art party/fundraising event "12X12", with all three of us in the studio working on separate projects and my fiance planning some collaborative work with our program director, Casey Johnson. The night of August 18th we'll have the studios open for "12X12", so come check it out! There will be plenty of work on display, t- shirts and prints for sale, live music, live art-making, and real live artists! More details here.
Images courtesy of Darren Heater


Dove girls

A quick painting based on a photo I took last summer of a group of kids holding a handmade dove "tent." Acrylic on paper.


First Fridays @ PAD

I am very excited to be able to showcase my work for PAD's "First Fridays" event! The work displayed will be primarily thesis work with a few new pieces that relate to the series. The work will be up for all of January, but be sure to come by the opening this Friday from 6-8pm for wine and appetizers! PAD is located at 1500 Thames Street down in Fells Point. Check out the event page for more information about the show: http://pad-furniture.com/arts-at-pad/ They are now accepting entries for the February salon-style show.