Colored Book Illustrations

Here are the finished drawings with color! I did watercolor separately and then combined it with the drawing in photoshop.


Advanced Book Illustration--In Progress

Here are two uncolored drawings for the illustrations I'm working on in Advanced Book Illustration. The story I'm working with involves a boy living far into the future, where the structures of previous years have been submerged in water from some massive, disastrous flood. He retrieves things from the old world to reconstruct the past--it's sort of a reverse Little Mermaid narrative. Anyway, here's a scene showing the view from the top of the houses, and one with him jumping into the water.


Naturalist Center

For Nature Drawing this week we took a field trip to the Smithsonian Naturalist Center in Virginia. There's a huge room full of taxidermy animals and all kinds of specimens to draw. I spent some time drawing the image you see here. . .yes, that is a fawn in a jar. I'm not sure if I was more fascinated or weirded out by it, but the baby deer itself was so beautifully intricate I couldn't stop looking at it. The image you see here is a WIP, hopefully later I'll post some finished drawings as well as some of the thesis stuff I've been working on.