Sack Lunch game cards!

In Maps class we are doing a collaborative project where we work together to make board games. My group is doing a game called "Sack Lunch" to help teach healthy eating habits. Players collect entree, side dish, drink, and dessert cards that have different point values. The idea is to have the highest rated lunch by the finish. I was responsible for the side dish and drink cards--the entire game will be finished next week so check back for updates!


Thesis Update

These drawings are old, but I realized I hadn't posted them yet--here are two more thesis works, uncolored. Final print sizes will be 13x20 and 14x10.65.

Novella, finished!

I finally finished my novella and ordered it for print today--you can preview it here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2115637 or see the printed book at the Commencement Show in three weeks. The book is hardcover, 72 pages. Here is the summary printed inside the front flap:

"For Adam and Dan and Isaac, the sinkholes were the beginning. They were the first violent strike by the ground, the most visible sign of aggression that was to build in the following months."

A fictional narrative based of off the environmental disaster in Picher, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas of the Tar Creek Superfund site, "Fells" explores the ideas of responsibility, consequence, and man's relationship with land. The rapid decline of Fells is witnessed by three friends who become the city's vigilantes at night, fueled by their devotion to the condemned high school building they will never graduate from. The fragility of human structure, both built and inherited, is revealed in the constant push of the interior to the exterior. The remaining residents of Fells must cope with this realization and make the choice to abandon the land or become part of it.



I did this map a couple months ago but was just recently able to get a decent scan of it. The actual size is about 20"x24", ink and watercolor.


Top Ten UFO Sighting Spots in New Mexico

For my maps class we threw darts at a wall to select a state to make an infograph about. I hit New Mexico, wanting to do some sort of chart about Roswell. The result after some hours of research was this graph, which shows the Top Ten UFO Sighting Spots of New Mexico. I learned a lot about UFO sightings and the Roswell Incident in the process--this website especially was amazing: http://www.ufoinfo.com/contents.shtml Unfortunately the colors are showing up a lot more desaturated--that pink should be neon!