Dragon Alphabet

Part of a sketchbook alphabet I developed further for my Hand Letters class.  The dragons are hand-drawn and colored in Photoshop.



An older hand-drawn alphabet, but I recently resurrected it for another project I'll post later this week.  I've been behind in my updates due to a sudden and catastrophic hard drive crash, where I lost everything from Spring 08 until now.  After researching hard drive data recovery, I have found the expense to be upwards of $1,000; so unless I can find another (affordable) alternative I am going to suck it up and replace the hard drive with a new one.  The massive loss is mostly my fault--everyone knows how important it is to back up all your files, but it's something I failed to do.  Since this is the second hard drive crash in less than two years, you can be sure I'm going to purchase an external hard drive and back up everything from now on.  It still doesn't help the sting of losing everything---personal photos, class papers, photographed/scanned artwork, etc.  Hopefully my next post will be a brighter one...