Merry Christmas!

Here's a little something I made for my cousins Mary, Kaitlin, and Katie--we're all around the same age and exchange Christmas gifts every year. Christmas with my dad's side is always a lot of fun: he has 8 brothers and sisters which makes for lots of cousins! I used a few photos for reference, did a line drawing in graphite, and colored it in photoshop with my Christmas present from mom and dad: a wacom tablet! It's small but very portable and gets the job done. Unfortunately I haven't been able to install the software on my laptop yet because my disc drive is broken. Not sure how to get around this-we've tried various methods with external hard drives, but nothing seems to work. Anyway, I'm excited to use the tablet for a few upcoming projects involving superhero characters: more to come!


Art Market Review

Here is a sample of the prints I sold at Art Market last week, a four-day student and faculty-run event at MICA that raises money for the sellers and for scholarships for students at MICA. Pretty cool! I bought a few Christmas presents, sold some of my shark litho prints from last year, and sold out on my hand-lettered dragon alphabets! All in all the Illustration department had a strong showing, I saw a lot of impressive and creative work from my fellow illustration majors (everything from hand-painted pendants to printed tees to printed books and cards) For a sampling of some of the MICA Illustration work, check this out: http://blogthelab.blogspot.com/ I'm definitely going to participate in Art Market next year, with a focus on packaging and overall branding of my work. The experience was great practice!


Google vs iPhone: Revisited

Here is a reworking of an earlier illustration I did for my Concepts I class. In this updated version I changed the colors of the environment to suggest a slightly more aggressive mood (if you look at the earlier version you will see that I had originally colored the background a light green similar to the one in the buildings) The illustration is for an article about the new Google Droid, a rising competitor to the iPhone.

Simulator Santa!

A holiday card I designed for VI grade--the cover is a play off of their product "Car RealTime," a software used to create vehicle simulation environments (http://www.vi-grade.com/index.php?pagid=vehicle_dynamics_carrealtime)

As always, click the image for a larger view!

Character Development Final

My Character Development final--a movie character I designed based off an environment provided my my professor (a photo of an abandoned factory covered in snow) Kaneq was a veterinarian before the snowy apocalypse forced her to seek refuge in an abandoned factory. Once a cat lover, she now has to fend for herself in a world where the only survivors are packs of mutant feral cats that are constantly on the prowl. Using gears and pipes from her home in the factory, Kaneq fashions weapons with which to defend herself, making the physical and mental transformation from a tender-hearted veterinarian to a feral cat huntress fighting for her life in a post-apocalyptic world.

Kaneq's latter character dress was inspired by attire of the Arctic Native Americans; her name is the Inuit word for "frost."

Drawings in graphite; coloring in photoshop.


Business Card

My business cards! (front/back) Still need to order them from gotprint.com (great site) in preparation for MICA Art Market next week, but I'm happy with how the design turned out.


Business Card--preliminary drawing

Front/Back design for my business card for Art Market (next week!) Still need to color and print.