Boogeyman Re-design

This is an assignment we had in my Character Development class earlier in the year--everyone in the class did 30 quick sketches of a "boogeyman" character. We were then assigned another person's sketch in the class to re-design, keeping the essential qualities of the character idea, but re-executing it in our own style/interpretation. The topmost image is the original sketch by my classmate, the other two are my re-interpretation of her idea.

Ocarina Salesgirl

This is slightly dated--we had to design a new character and environment in my Character Development class for an existing video or computer game. I chose Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64) My character is an Ocarina Salesgirl who travels around Hyrule Field with her large pack, selling ocarinas and other special instruments. The environment shown is my first attempt at digital painting in Photoshop, something I hope continue and improve upon.


Battle to the Death!

Spot illustration for an NPR article about the new Google phone, a rising challenger to Apple's iPhone. Concepts I class--I was told to change the background color to something more intense (I'm thinking orange...) The palette is inspired by vintage comic covers. My second-ever experimentation with coloring digitally! (First was an environment for my character development class that I'll post later in the week)