Red Sonja

Magazine illustration for a feature story about the upcoming movie Red Sonja. It was a little tricky to find runway fashion that fit the theme, but I ended up using an Alexander McQueen piece from an older collection. Got some mixed feedback on this one--there's still a lot of things I'm trying to improve on with my technique and compositions. I was pretty happy with the anatomy in Red Sonja, though--no negative feedback there, and drawing anatomy is still something I'm trying to get a good feel for. I'm thinking about taking Life Drawing again in the Fall just because I'm a little rusty.

"Night Out" Finals

Final versions for a two-page spread about a "Night Out", featuring fashion from one or more designers' ready-to-wear collections. I went with the idea of Geocaching in Sequoia National Forest. Honestly I think this may have worked better as a sort of day trip feature, but I already was pretty involved in the sketches, outfits, etc so I decided to stick with it. Not too crazy about the coloring job, though I like the general color scheme.

Old Stuff!

So, now that I have a little free time to update my blog, I'm dumping a bunch of stuff from my fashion illustration class on here. Remember those sea-themed fashion sketches way way back? Maybe? Well here are the final versions. . .it's been a while so I don't remember all the dates for the collections, but the "washed up" girl is wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, the clown fish girl is wearing Stella McCartney, and at least one of the jellyfish swimmers is wearing Armani.


The Last of the Superheroes!

Finally! It's done! I printed these all 11 x 14, and I'm shipping them in glass float frames to my brother on Monday. I have to say that the Batman print is probably my favorite color-wise. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the Captain America print--I used colors from a WWII poster and sort of an updated style, but I'm still not 100% on it. . .I think one thing I struggled with for this project was color. All these superheroes have specific dress and color schemes, and it was sort of tricky trying to incorporate my personal taste in color combos with that to try to create a cohesive image. . . Color is an area I'm still trying to work on and develop.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get photos when these are all hanging up in my brother's pad in Seattle! He's going to have a small get-together to show off the new addition to his apartment so I'm sending some complimentary prints and a stack of business cards to hand out. We'll see, maybe I'll get some commissions out of it! I think I might need a short break from superheroes for a while--I'm a little more into the warrior chic kind of genre (think Frank Frazetta....) Latest work from fashion illustration class soon to come!!! (I'm on spring break, which basically means catching up in all my classes while catching up with some friends while I'm in town!)


Deadpool, Print Version

I need to stop obsessing over these pieces and print them. Here's Deadpool, background colors reworked.