The Drawbacks of Being a Procrastinating Perfectionist

So I've been working on a mural in the basement for quite some time now. My mother commissioned me to do a sort of "Arts and Crafts/Mission Style" piece about 2 months ago.  She has a tile from Motawi Tileworks that she really likes so I decided on using that for my inspiration.  Realistically I should have finished the whole thing in 10 days if I was really putting in the 2+ hours a day that would be perfectly reasonable for a project like that.  But no.  And now I've been trying to get it done before the construction workers come by next week.  Cement wall + bad adhesion + primer + paint = well, bad adhesion.  Crisp lines are essential for this style and with the painters tape pulling off little flakes of paint each time I use it, I've had to abandon that method and try several others, none of which are working.  So I've resorted to correcting the edges freehand, which is difficult considering I'm 5'4 and working on a 6+ foot high mural on a 9 foot high wall.  You just can't get the greatest continuity of line balancing on a step stool with a can of paint in one hand and a foam sponge in the other.  Alas, here I am--pulling out my hair and trying to come out with an end result I won't despise.  I'll post a photo when it's finally finished.

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Rachel Beckman said...

Hey beautiful the blog looks great. Can't wait to see a picture of the mural! Is that the tile? It's so awesome.