Character Development Final

My Character Development final--a movie character I designed based off an environment provided my my professor (a photo of an abandoned factory covered in snow) Kaneq was a veterinarian before the snowy apocalypse forced her to seek refuge in an abandoned factory. Once a cat lover, she now has to fend for herself in a world where the only survivors are packs of mutant feral cats that are constantly on the prowl. Using gears and pipes from her home in the factory, Kaneq fashions weapons with which to defend herself, making the physical and mental transformation from a tender-hearted veterinarian to a feral cat huntress fighting for her life in a post-apocalyptic world.

Kaneq's latter character dress was inspired by attire of the Arctic Native Americans; her name is the Inuit word for "frost."

Drawings in graphite; coloring in photoshop.

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