Words on Wheels

MICA partnership with Baltimore City Schools--we receive select poems from Baltimore students around the city and illustrate them. A few selected images will be displayed on the Light Rail and bus system.

Raquazia Gross, "Imagine Me"

Imagine me loving what I see
when the mirror looks at me,
because I imagine letting go
of all the ones who hurt me.
They never did deserve me.
Can you imagine me saying NO
to thoughts that try to control me
remembering all everyone told me?
Can you
imagine me
in a place of no insecurities?
I'm finally happy because
I imagine me.

1 comment:

Hellcat Cailin said...

Bike kid is angry because she stole his book. And his cat.

This is really nice. I could see them bitching you out about the size of the space allotted for the poem, though. I like the pastel colors.