Loose Color Sketch for Mural

So I never did post the first mural I finished in the basement over a year ago, so hopefully I'll get some pics of that this week to post. It's very tricky to get a good photo, since it's in a long, skinny hallway with dim lighting. Hmmm. Anyway, here is a very loose color sketch of the mural I am starting this week--the colors may vary slightly, but you get the general idea. My parents (who commissioned the mural) wanted something with greens, resemble an abstract forest, with echoes of the arts and crafts style. This is my own take on the abstract, and has similar themes to my first mural (which I will post later) especially the contrast between swooping arcs and straight lines. The colors are taken from a William Morris wallpaper design, "Arbutus." The final mural will measure just over 6 x 9 feet.

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