Thesis Finals!

My big final I still need to photograph, but here are some of the finals from my thesis class. I was exploring modern societal issues using gladiator themes and classical imagery. The hog battle comments on the self-perpetuating issue of resource depletion and environmental woes, while the reflection piece deals with the constant battle with beauty and aging. The spots illustrate the modern American suiting up with the correct "armor" to preserve sanity and peace of mind in the current times. I struggled a lot with my theme and medium over the semester, and it was a very uncomfortable and at times very discouraging battle, but I learned a lot about myself as an artist and how I work best. I'm taking the next few weeks of break to center in on a new thesis for the new semester that will be better suited to my interests and working style. More updates to follow!

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B.Wallz said...

Dude these are Super rad. I love these compositions SO MUCH. The only thing thats bugging me is that the right arm of the guy furthest to the left in the first image would be visible at that angle.