Mental Disorders: Get in the Know (Concepts Final)

So I've been revisiting this idea of the ocean and sea creatures and how this parallels the human mind and the subconscious. (see my Dick and Jane series from a while back) It was a topic I explored freshman year a little bit and I wanted to re-engage those ideas in a different way for my Illustration Concepts II final.

I've been wanting to work with this specific imagery of sea creatures interacting with human anatomy, and my professor challenged me to find a real-world application for this idea (apart from a purely visual piece, which is what I had in mind) I came up with the idea of an awareness campaign for mental disorders, titled "Mental Disorders: Get in the Know" (cheesy, I know...) headed by the National Institute for Mental Health.

These posters reference early medical illustrations, but each image is a visual representation of a particular mental disorder and/or symptom. The idea would be to have a half-dozen or more of these posters, one for each mental disorder falling under the common categories (Mood, Psychotic, Anxiety, etc) The roman numerals are not meant to be sequential, merely a visual reference to the classic anatomy plates. As always, images can be clicked on and zoomed for a more detailed view! (I recommend it :)


Nicole said...

so i kind of want to buy my mom a print of the anxiety disorder one, thought it would be kind of mean (she has anxiety attacks) but kind of funny? i don't know, these are beautiful and i love the squid!

Tuo (Peter) said...

Whoa, these are cool. You probably know more anatomy than I do now.