Nine Lives

So, here is the final I did for my folk art and folk life class. My idea was to collect and illustrate various stories from my dad and his 8 siblings, and the idea evolved a bit along the way. I definitely improved my inking, and enjoyed working with minimal, vintage-y color (I've always loved the limited color palette of children's books like "Blueberries for Sal") The tales themselves are another story--many have tweaked or added elements, just to help them fill out or wrap up in a slightly cleaner way. I'm not very fond of the re-telling of the stories, mostly because the book was put together during a very limited time frame, where I was spending most of my time trying to ink, scan, and color the illustrations. It never ceases to amaze me how long inking takes (always about 3x longer then I suspect it's going to take. . .) Anyhow, here is the "finished" book! I think the babysitter and car seat comps are two of my faves.

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Brian said...

How haven't I seen this? You should turn it into a little book and give it out next time the family is together.